Fleece - newsprint cut and layered, stainless steel cable, magnets
90cm x 64cm x 3cm


Explores the notion that ‘there is more than meets the eye at first sight’. Within the voluminous form material becomes deceptive, absence creates presence thus space reveals itself. An invitation to journey through the layers into depth….
Tower - steel oxidized, perspex, image
100cm x 12cm x 12cm
Oculus 365 - stainless steel, contact lenses

Is an invitation to reflect and contemplate the ‘every-day- seeing’, to look beyond the obvious, to question and to open up for the subtleties and intensities of our sensual ‘every-day- experiences’.
Japanese Paper, powder coated metal frame Dimensions: 200cm x 56cm x 56cm
Solo Show 'Beyond materiality'
at RBSA Gallery, Birmingham

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